5 Perfect Bedroom Interior Design Colour Schemes


Colours are taken as the visual language that plays an important role while designing an interior space. They are considered powerful as they can influence our minds and mood. Colour schemes are an essential factor to consider in bedroom interior design. They comprise a mix of different hues, shades, and tints of colours that are used to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.

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You must look to choose the perfect colour paint combination for your bedroom as every tone of colour creates a significant effect on our mood and behaviour. When you choose the best combinations of colour, you can feel emotions such as calmness, anxiety, excitement, and so much more.

Colour Schemes for Bedroom Decor

Colour schemes allow you to choose the right vibes for a living space. Here are a few colour schemes that you can opt for while undertaking bedroom interior design or renovation.

1. Blue and White Bedroom Colour Scheme

blue and white color scheme

This colour scheme creates an effect of tranquillity when used for the interior design of a bedroom. Many consider hues of blue as the forever go-to colour scheme.  A blue and white colour scheme creates a calm and peaceful effect around the room.

Certain hues of blue along with a combination of white are considered to be inherently soothing, which creates a mood of serenity. This combination is versatile, relaxing, and lovely. We can say that it is somewhat of a dream duo. You can also incorporate blue and white paints with traditional elements and coastal motifs. Soft hues go well with this colour scheme; and are considered ideal harmonizers for wooden, weightier furnishings.

2. Neutral Colours

neutral color scheme – bedroom

Using a neutral palette for the interior design of a bedroom gives a classy look and hotel-like experience. Neutral colour schemes are timeless and offer great appeal to bedrooms throughout the year, regardless of the season or weather. If you wish to add elegance, cohesiveness, and interesting features to a space with this type of colour scheme, you may want to include chandeliers or antique mirror sets as part of the decor.

While choosing a colour scheme for your bedroom you can opt for an ultra-pale grey shade that goes well with indigo and green tones. These subtle combinations of colour, when compared to bright whites, are a bit easier on the eye. Soft grey is a timeless beauty that attracts many people looking for bedroom colour schemes.

You can also use a darker shade of grey to add a minimalist and elegant look to any interior space in your home.

3. Peach and Grey Bedroom Colour Scheme

peach and grey bedroom decor

Grey along with other light colours has been the perfect combination for bedrooms with neutral colors. This kind of pastel colour combination gives a pop of style to accessories within a room.

Accessorizing bedrooms with white items adds an aristocratic look that defines elegance and sophistication. It offers you a soothing-yet-energetic feeling.

The peach and grey colour scheme enables you to create a productive and peaceful space making it comfortable while working or resting.

4. White and Black Colour Scheme

a black and white designer bedroom

White and black is a great monochromatic colour scheme that suits both feminine and masculine styling. It is an amazing choice for the master bedroom and is considered as part of a minimalist trend that started in the 90s.  Many homeowners still go for this achromatic colour scheme because of its timeless quality and look.

You can add black cabinets to a white-coloured bedroom to create a large, airy space. An addition of tactile muslins, rustic woods, and moderation with light relaxing neutrals can make the room appear sleek.

5. Baby Blue and Cream Bedrooms

baby blue and pinks

This is a predominant colour scheme that creates a perfect and enthusiastic vibe. Baby blue is a much appealing colour reminiscent of glamorous old looks.

A soothing soft hue of blue (especially ice blue) gives you a feeling similar to breathing fresh air while walking into the room. It adds a dreamy quality and creates an ethereal space that is perfect for a relaxing bedroom. For an elegant look, you can add an accent chair along with a makeshift side table and linen bedding.

In Conclusion

Colour Schemes are fundamental to the outlook of a home. They improve features within a space and create desirable moods that improve the liveability of a space. In bedroom design, a colour scheme offers you more than you’d bargain for. It allows you to achieve tranquillity, warmth, intimacy, luxury, and cosiness.

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