7 Fantastic Kitchen Designs, Trends and More


The kitchen is, without a doubt, the heartbeat of the home. It not only gives us space to make finger-licking food but also a place to bond with our loved ones. Hence, it would be best if you incorporated unique kitchen designs into your home. In this article, Reny Interiors takes you through the best kitchen design trends in Kenya and across the globe.

1. Black and Monochromatic Kitchens

black kitchen designs
black kitchen designs

According to Houzz, there has been an increase in demand for “dark” and “black” kitchens over the past decade. Many homeowners are leaning towards this type of kitchen design because it offers them sleekness.

A monochromatic kitchen applies different hues of the same colour in various ways. Such kitchens are timeless and elegant. Consider installing this kitchen type if you want an interior aesthetic that stands the test of time.

2. Colourful Kitchens

jungle green kitchen cabinets

If you’re looking to build a contemporary style kitchen, you might want to check out colourful kitchen designs. These kitchens include anything you wouldn’t consider a neutral colour; from dark greens to light purples.

Designing a colourful kitchen presents the opportunity to bring nature into your home. For instance, you can choose to have lavender purple kitchen cabinets, a grey backsplash with natural rock streaks, and warm lights to mimic the sun.

3. Concealed Storage

concealed storage

We have seen a recent rising trend of handle-less cabinet doors and drawers. And we must admit that they’re both genius and beautiful. With this kitchen design, you can hide your fridge and dishwasher in the guise of an MDF wood panel.

Concealed storage allows you to achieve a minimalistic, bespoke, and modern look in your kitchen. Also, it brings out the element of surprise whenever you reveal to your guests that the seemingly fixed hazelnut particleboard under the kitchen island is retractable and acts as storage for pans, dishes, and small kitchen appliances.

4. Built-In Appliances

built-in kitchen appliances

For a long time, most kitchen layouts in Kenya have included freestanding appliances. The microwave would be on the countertop while the fridge and cooker would be placed in areas with no cabinets. While this is still a common trend, many new homeowners have decided to create cabinetry that includes niches for various kitchen appliances.

Built-in appliances give your kitchen a new, modern twist that offers a refreshing outlook to your home.

5. Two-Tone Kitchen

a two-tone kitchen design

A two-tone kitchen design enables you to introduce depth and character into an interior space. The term “two-tone” refers to two contrasting colours, hues, tints, shades, or tones used together as aesthetic finishes. A great example would be a kitchen with grey kitchen cabinets, a white countertop, grey counter stools, and a white ceiling. In this example, black and white are the two contrasting colours used to create aesthetics for the kitchen.

The trend of mixing two colours in kitchen designs will likely soar in the 2020s.

6. One-Wall Kitchen Design

one-wall kitchen design

This layout is standard for small kitchens. It allows for a minimalistic design that saves space while making the most out of the available vertical space. As the name suggests, a one-wall kitchen layout consists of cabinets and shelves installed on one wall. It can include top and bottom cabinetry to create as much storage space as possible. For a clean aesthetic, we recommend installing shelving over the base cabinet.

7. The Island Kitchen

a kitchen design with an island

In kitchen design, an island can act as an additional seating or cooking area. It can be separate from the actual kitchen area but still offer the functionalities of the counter and cabinets in the kitchen.

The island kitchen design is popular in open-plan houses within Kenya and overseas. It creates large working surfaces that are ideal for family homes. What’s more, kitchen islands enable us to introduce ergonomic traffic patterns that promote natural movement in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Designs in Kenya

While looking for interior design solutions, you may have some questions about kitchen designs. Here are three of the most asked questions relating to kitchen interior design in the country.

• Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive?

Many factors determine the cost of installing kitchen cabinets: labour, material, time, and so much more. However, you can always find materials and accessories that fit within your budget. MDF boards, for example, are cheaper than glossy-finish particleboard. Contact Reny Interiors, and we can give you a quote for the different kitchen designs available in the market today.

• What are the main types of kitchens?

Kitchen designs vary with style, colour, layout, and size. The most common kitchens are the one-wall, L-shaped, island, and U-shaped kitchens.

• How do I design my kitchen?

Start by describing the functionality of your kitchen, followed by the aesthetics side of things. Draw a plan and select the furnishings. Be sure to include a natural traffic flow. Your kitchen’s design should allow you to move freely between your stove, fridge, and sink.

In Conclusion

Reny Interiors specializes in kitchen design, among other interior design works. If you’d like to build a kitchen in your home or workspace, let us help. Contact us on 0706244085 for a free quote. We will give you affordable prices and deliver high-quality work.

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