7 Creative Wall Decoration Ideas for Your Home


When does a house become a ‘home?’ Your home isn’t something that just provides a roof over your head. Any residential space can be a house. But a home is something more than that. It has memories, little bits of yourself, and your style. Thus, decorating your place is that final touch where a house transforms into a lovely home. And you surely do not want to have plain boring walls in your home.

The right wall decoration can set the mood in your home. Here are some creative ideas to beautify the walls of your abode so that they don’t just look pretty for the guests but also raise your spirits too.

1. Wallpaper


Wallpapers have become popular amongst many home and business owners in Kenya. Modern wallpapers offer us the chance to change the feels and looks of rooms, as they are stylish and beautiful.

We also have photo wallpaper designs, which go well with contemporary themes. They’re attractive and a great choice for wall decoration. They bring gorgeous themes, create optical illusions, and give balanced proportions to interior spaces. Apart from aesthetics, wallpapers are great tools for covering eyesores on walls. If you have an uneven wall, for example, applying wallpaper can be a great way to hide the imperfections and brighten up space.

2. Photo Gallery

photo gallery as wall decoration

Nothing beats a wall that reminds you of all the lovely times you have had, every time you look at it. You may add frames of different sizes so that it doesn’t look like a monotonous series of pictures. This idea is especially good for the wall alongside the stairwell. You may hang pictures in chronological order so that it goes well with the stairs. Make sure that your frames complement the colour of the walls.

3. Wall Painting

accent wall painting

Look at your walls as a blank canvas, and all you will need is some high-quality paint and a little bit of imagination. Pick colours that will either emphasize the existing colour scheme or create contrast in an interesting way. You can use stencils to make geometric shapes on the walls, paint stripes, or make patterns with alternating colours. With these techniques, you can rest assured that your walls will attract the attention they deserve.

Remember, you can create a mood in your home with colours. Therefore, Reny Interiors recommends that you figure out the feeling you’d like to achieve in a room before going to your nearest hardware shop to get a bucket of paint.

4. Plates on a wall

decorative plates

Another cool wall decoration idea is to hang plates on a wall. Choose plates of different sizes and make a pattern that is pleasing to the eye. Making beautiful hand-painted ceramic plates is a part of several cultures worldwide. If you happen to visit Jaipur, Morocco, Uzbekistan, or any such place where these plates are prevalent, you can get colourful plates from your trip and hang the souvenirs on your wall. If you want to try something different from ceramic, painted rattan plates are an option too. Rattan plates and baskets look just as beautiful when hung on a plain wall.

5. Wall art


Five pieces of canvas which add up to a single painting when hung close together are a good way to add an aesthetic element to your room. Several themed paintings inspired by fictional characters from popular shows, hit songs, famous artists, etc… are available. You can choose a painting that best expresses your interests.

6. Hexagonal Mirrors

wall mirrors

If you are someone who believes less is more, then here is a minimalistic wall decoration idea. Hang a set of hexagonal mirrors that would look like a completed jigsaw puzzle. As the pieces are separate, you can play around with the patterns. Changing the pattern of the mirrors once in a while will give a fresh look to your walls!

7. Scratch map/pin push map

framed world map

This one is for those bitten by the travel bug! If you are big on travelling and exploring new places, cultures, what better way to show it to your guests than putting up a world map on your wall? If it is a scratch map, you can scratch out the places you’ve visited. With a pin push map, you can even put up a picture or two from all of your trips. As you keep updating the map, the wall is only going to get more beautiful! It will carry all your lovely travel stories.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the many creative ways to beautiful and interesting walls for your spaces.  If you’d like to revamp your walls with help of a professional, contact us on 0706244085. We will provide you with a free quote, affordable solutions, and deliver high-quality work.

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