A Guide to Staging and Styling Your Airbnb


By offering safe, homely, and affordable accommodation, Airbnb has made it possible for people to go wherever and whenever they want.

This has changed people’s perceptions of travel; whereas in the past, the only option was overcrowded hotels often with poor service, it is now possible for people to stay in private and cozy homes at much better rates.

Airbnb currently has more than 4 million hosts. When you’re competing with so many homeowners, how do you make sure your Airbnb in Nairobi attracts enough guests?

Having a well-staged Airbnb is essential, especially if you’re looking to receive positive guest ratings, attract higher occupancy rates, or charge higher rates. Your property should feel as homely as possible: go for the comfiest of couches and the fuzziest of rugs, and invest in reading nooks and crannies.

Making your property comfortable and habitable is the surest way to set it apart from the millions of other listings available on the platform. In this article, we’ll show you how to style your Airbnb, breaking down all the rooms in the home.

First off, What Makes a Good Airbnb?

Whether you’re offering up the entire home or just a few private rooms, you must strive to provide certain amenities. These include fresh bed linen, adequate, quality pillows, clean towels, and hot water. It would be best to have a kitchen furnished with at least all the basic appliances, a decent entertainment system, and WiFi.

It would be great to have a professional photographer take pictures of the home. By setting up the proper lighting and hitting all the perfect angles, they’ll be able to capture the essence of your home in a way that guests will find appealing.

1. Styling Your Airbnb Living Room

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

The living room is the center of your home. Your guests will lounge, eat, and watch movies in this room. You should, therefore, make sure to furnish the room with cozy furniture. Go for a reclining sofa here, a rocking chair there. It would also be a great idea to stock a bookshelf with novels and books; guests looking for a getaway to unwind will appreciate this.

When styling your Airbnb living room, you should also pay attention to the artwork you put up on the walls. Personal pictures and relics are a no. A portrait of your grandfather and the family dog, for example, may weird out the average occupant. Instead of these, go for paintings, artsy posters, and creative wallpaper.

2. Styling Your Airbnb Kitchen

Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

Having a kitchen that your guests can go ham in is incredibly important. Occupants should be able to experiment and have fun in your kitchen- especially if they’re international tourists looking to experience local food. When styling your kitchen, buy some basic electrical appliances such as a microwave, refrigerator, blender, toaster, and oven.

You should also ensure the kitchen is equipped with adequate utensils and cutlery. You may also go an extra step and stock up the cabinets with items like detergent, sugar, salt, and spices the average person would use. Being a good host is sometimes pegged to anticipating and meeting the needs of your guests in ways they didn’t expect.

3. Styling Your Airbnb Bedroom

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Planning out the bedrooms in your Airbnb apartment would help identify a theme or color scheme and design around it. The bedroom is the deal-breaker for most guests; if you don’t provide them with a cozy, sanitary, and practically useful room, there’s no way for them to enjoy their stay.

Interior design experts recommend choosing neutral colors for the bedroom walls and natural wood finishes for the furniture. This is much safer than going for the eccentric sofa bed that few would love, but many others find repulsive.

Ensure the pillows in all the bedrooms are dense and comfy, and the bedspreads all fresh. If the budget allows, invest in a TV and sound system for the day, the guest wants to lie in bed all day.

4. How to Style Your Airbnb Bathroom

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

Your guests need a clean, stylish, and utilitarian bathroom. Make sure that showering in your bathroom is a relaxing and even meditative experience for your Airbnb occupants. For one, it must have enough hot water. Remember to stock the bathroom cabinets with extra towels, enough shampoo and conditioner, shower caps, and new toothbrushes. 

The bathroom should also have proper flooring and, if possible, some safety rails along the wall. Nothing speaks to Airbnb guests more than a host that’s gone all the way to provide a safe, homely getaway.

Making Your Airbnb Listing That Stands Out

If you’ve already ventured into the Airbnb business, you know how cutthroat the market can be. The secret to having an Airbnb in Kenya that attracts high occupancy rates and positive reviews online is styling and staging it properly. Studying and knowing your target audience will give you a lot of insight into the furniture they require in a home. This will go a long way in helping you create a listing they can’t pass on.

If you need help with the staging and styling of your Airbnb house contact our qualified interior designers at 0706244085.

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