6 Beautiful Types of Ceilings: Gypsum Ceilings and More


A ceiling is not only an integral part of a building but also an aesthetic addition to interior space. We have different types of ceilings. Some are plain, boring, and flat while others are beautiful, stylish, and attractive. In Kenya, the most common type of decorative ceiling is the gypsum ceiling – which we will discuss in this article among many others.

1. Gypsum Ceiling

The days of labour-intensive plaster ceilings are long gone, all thanks to gypsum boards. A gypsum ceiling is a type of false ceiling suspended from the structural ceiling. It is mainly decorative and aims to introduce elements of beauty into space. This ceiling type is ideal for living rooms, dining areas, clubs, churches, lounges, and bedrooms. It’s also perfect for kitchen ceiling because of its fireproof nature.

gypsum ceiling
gypsum ceiling

When looking to install a gypsum ceiling in your home, you need to consider three things:

  • High-quality ceiling boards
  • The design you want
  • A professional to install the gypsum board ceiling

Contrary to rumours, gypsum does not cause cancer. Nonetheless, it can irritate the skin if mishandled.

2. PVC Ceiling

pvc ceiling
pvc ceiling with a downlighter

PVC loosely translates to plastic. This interlocking type of ceiling is the cheapest one in the Kenyan market today. On the flip side, it demands intensive labour. It’s advisable to factor in the labour costs before purchasing PVC ceiling boards.

Many people prefer installing PVC ceilings because they’re moisture-resistant and come in a variety of colours. Additionally, they don’t grow moulds like their wooden and soft board counterparts.

3. TnG Ceiling

Otherwise known as T and G, tongue and groove ceilings are primarily made of timber. They could be hardwood or softwood, depending on your preference. If you wish to cover up an ugly roof from the underside, this is the perfect solution for you. It is a fast way to panel ceilings (and walls) in homes.  We use clear varnish to bring out the wooden beauty in tongue and groove ceilings.

tng ceiling
tng ceiling

Like the PVC ceiling, T&G ceilings require too much labour to install. The durability of most wood ceilings makes the high labour costs worth it in the long run.

A downside to this type of ceiling is that it is highly susceptible to fire. You may want to avoid using it in areas prone to fires; for example, kitchens.

4. Suspended Ceiling

suspended ceiling

A drop ceiling, popularly known as a suspended ceiling, is a secondary ceiling. As its name suggests, it’s suspended a foot or more below the actual ceiling. The common types of suspended ceiling systems include plasterboard ceilings, gypsum ceilings, acoustic ceilings, and suspended fire-resistant rated ceilings.

5. Coffered Ceiling

coffered ceiling with chandelier

This type of ceiling can be made of timber, gypsum boards, or concrete. In interior design, a coffer is a series of recessed panels of various geometric shapes. The sunken areas can be an octagon, a vault, a square, or a rectangle. Coffered ceilings add style and texture to spaces, and are ideal for living rooms, lounges, and outdoor spaces.

6. Beamed Ceilings

When laying a roof, builders use beams and trusses for support. You don’t necessarily have to install a secondary ceiling to add character and warmth to your space. You can leave your beams exposed and give them an elegant finish. Paint and clear varnish are great finishes for beamed ceilings.

beamed ceiling in a kitchen design

If looking to install this type of ceiling in your commercial or residential space, it’s advisable to consult an experienced interior designer like Reny Interiors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ceilings in Kenya

While looking for interior design solutions, you may have some questions about ceilings. Here are three of the most asked questions relating to ceiling works.

• How often should ceiling tiles be replaced?

The average ceiling tile has a life expectancy of 10 years. Therefore, we advise that you check on the condition of your ceiling tiles to determine whether they need replacement or a few touchups. If well maintained, your ceiling tiles might last longer than a decade.

• What should I do when my ceiling is leaking?

The first step is to stabilize the leaking area because water can accumulate where there’s a leakage and cause your roof to collapse. Using a screwdriver or something similar, poke a hole into the leaking area to drain the accumulated water.

a leaking suspended ceiling

The next step would be to seek the help of a professional. Don’t try to fix it yourself. A professional interior designer will help you come up with a lasting solution and save a lot of time and money. We have the tools, skills, and knowledge to fix a  leaky ceiling correctly.

• How much does a ceiling cost?

At Reny Interiors, we get this question almost every time a client requests a quote for their new ceiling. It’s important to understand that the costs of ceilings differ from one type to another. Some are more expensive to install than others. An excellent way to know how much yours would cost is to specify the type of ceiling you want and your ceiling’s area (in square meters or square feet). These details allow us to give you a more accurate price estimate.

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Reny Interiors specializes in gypsum ceilings, TnG, PVC ceilings, and other interior design works. If you’d like to install a ceiling in your home or workspace, contact us on 0706244085 for a free quote. We will give you affordable prices and deliver high-quality work.

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