Interiors are quite a broad topic, with a variety of interior design styles and home improvement solutions. Some people, however, do not understand fully the difference between interior design and interior décor.

Home decorating – or interior décor – is more on the side of soft furnishing design for houses– pillows, curtains, and painting. Interior design entails planning the interior of a building such as a home, club, shop, office, or restaurant. From the furniture layout, tiling, window installation, to everything else that constitutes the structural part of interior space.

An interior designer can extend their service to include interior decorating. An interior decorator, on the other hand, cannot do the interior structural design for houses. You need to go to school, study an intérior design course, and graduate from an accredited institution to be termed as an interior designer.

Our Services

Reny Interiors Design Company

Interior design is our specialty here at Reny Interiors. We have the knowledge, skill, and experience to provide a wide variety of design services.

Our interior design services include:

And so much more!


All overhead interior surfaces in your home or workplace are referred to as ceilings. They’re an essential part of intérior design because they bring character and functionality into a room. In interior design, we have what we refer to as false ceilings. These ceilings are usually suspended an inch or more below the actual roof. They offer acoustic benefits, thermal insulation, aesthetics (beauty), and sustainability.

Examples of false ceilings include:

  • Gypsum Ceilings
  • PVC/Plastic False Ceilings
  • Wooden Coffered Ceilings
  • Plaster Of Paris (PoP) Ceilings
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Glass False Ceilings.

You can still have an exposed ceiling showing the trusses and your roof as aesthetics. Reny Interiors helps you design and build beautiful ceilings that stand the test of time.

Floor Décor in Kenya

Floor decoration is one of the most popular forms of interior design. New and old homeowners are always looking at new designs and fresh looks to replicate on their floors. If you’re looking to build a floor with tiles, you must do it right. We advise on the latest designs, high-quality materials, and beautiful finishes you can use in floor design.

The most common options of floor décor in Kenya are:

  • Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate Floors
  • Natural Stone Tiles
  • Carpets
  • Turf Grass
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Terrazzo Floors

Decorating Walls

paint wall

Have you seen a nicely painted wall and wanted to do the same for your wall? Reny Interiors is your one-stop-shop for wall decoration solutions. We help with painting, application of Belka, wallpapering (wallpaper installation), and so much more. Our services are tailored to meet your wall décor needs and provide lasting solutions.


Without a doubt, a stair is an integral part of a multi-leveled building. It acts as a connector between floors and spaces of different functions. We help you understand the 5W’s of staircase design, which is the Where, Who, What, When, and Why. With this type of knowledge, you can develop stairs that are both functional and aesthetic. One way to improve the appearance of your staircase is to have stylish balustrades and stair rails.

Kitchen Designs

Many people initiate their kitchen design without understanding the process, budget, and timeline. Reny Interiors helps clarify the process of installing kitchen cabinets and other essential aspects of kitchen design. We have the tools, materials, and knowhow to create stylish kitchen designs in Kenya. Also, we work with the best suppliers to ensure you get nothing short of quality.

Office Interior Design

Office design improves the mood and functionality of a workspace. We offer office partitioning, aluminum partitions, office chair layouts, acoustic ceilings, and so many more design solutions. Our team works together with our clients from the space planning stage to completion – to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our commercial intérior design services extend beyond office design to include restaurant and shop design.

Why You Should Contract Reny Interiors

If you’re looking for professional interior design services, you should check us out. Why? Here are some reasons many homeowners and business owners in Kenya choose to work with Reny Interiors.

  • Qualified – Our team comprises of skilled and experienced interior designers, project managers, and architects.
  • Excellent Communication Skills – Reny Interiors maintains regular communications with clients to ensure we get the job done as communicated by the client.
  • Project Management Skills – We have project managers in our team who will ensure your project is done and completed as agreed, on time, and within the set budget.
  • Customer Service – At Reny Interiors, customer satisfaction is our priority. We provide hands-on support and assistance to all our clients from start to finish, at no additional cost.

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