6 Landscaping Design Ideas That Will Make You Feel At Home


The colour green has long been associated with tranquillity, good luck, and health. When you are surrounded by natural greens, you can automatically gain a sense of calm. Therefore, having a good landscape is a must for each home.

Many people, however, find it confusing and do not know where to start. If you are looking for homely landscaping design ideas, you have come to the right place! Here are some landscaping ideas for your home.

1. The ground cover plants

ground cover plants

Ground covers are low-growing plants. They are an excellent addition to your house landscape and offer the double benefit of protecting soil at a low cost. Growing ground covers for the paths in your garden is one of the popular landscaping ideas. It’s important to note that ground cover plants of different beautiful colours and textures are available in the Kenyan market today.

Ground covers peeking out of the sparse stones of your garden path are a wonderful sight to behold. If you could choose between plain grass and dense, colourful ground covers, which one would you go for?

2. Simplicity

simple landscaping design ideas

No matter the size of your plot, simplicity is beauty. If you add too many plants of different types and heights, your garden is likely to look cluttered – and we don’t want that. The best landscaping designs ideas are those that have simplicity in their design.

How do you ensure simplicity? Make sure you maintain the right balance of variety. When you look at the landscape as a whole, the plants should complement each other and produce a unifying effect. Too much variety makes the scene overwhelming to the eye. Group your plants and space them so that they are neither too close nor scattered.

3. Accentuate the Landscape Design

landscape with design accents

Without some accentuation, your landscape is bound to look dull and boring. Pick a few corners or sparse spots and grow plants that complement the colour of the plants around it. You could also have a row or pattern of plants with a different colour – like maroon/yellow to produce an accentuated effect. The plants you use to accentuate the overall landscape should soften the look. They should stand out as you walk through the garden and blend well with the rest of the landscape when observed from afar. You could also have mini arches laid with creepers, to add variety to your landscape.

4. The path

Paving Slabs

A discussion on landscaping design ideas is not complete without including paths. Decide on the material for the path and stick to it throughout. Gravel, mazeras, cabro paving blocks, and mulch are some of the popularly used materials. For some materials, you should build edges on either side to prevent the material from spreading out. If you want a more informal look, you can go for a casual garden path. Coming to the shape of the path – you can either adopt a conventional straight path or add curves and meanders for a quirkier look.

5. Sequencing

plant arrangement pattern

The arrangement of plants can make or break the look of your landscape. Make sure there is no sharp increase or decrease in height. If you start with the shrubs and short trees, gradually increase the plant height. It would look pleasant if you can maintain the symmetry on either side of your path. Similarly, the colour change should be gradual. Try grouping plants with similar colours while sequencing them.

Another important aspect of sequencing is the texture of the plants. Having a thorny plant right next to soft and fuzzy bushes/plants will make your garden look chaotic. Thus, take care of the smooth transition in texture as well.

6. Pond / Water Body

landscape design with a fish pond

Adding a pond or some kind of water body in your landscape will only make it cooler. You can have a variety of water plants and flowers too. While some people adopt the usual circular shape, others are not afraid to go for more experimental shapes – or even an irregular-shaped pond. You can stack pebbles/stones of different kinds, to add to the beauty of the pond. Again, you could install lights or leave it as such for a more nature-friendly look. Make sure the size of the pond is in proportion to the size of your garden. 

In Conclusion

The exterior of your home is a great complementary feature to the interior spaces in your house. Hence, it would be a good idea to implement the landscaping design ideas offered in this article by Reny Interiors. Remember that landscaping is similar to any other design project. Hence, you need to consider elements like shape, colour, topography, and scale when designing the outdoors.

Get More Landscaping Design Ideas

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