Living Room Designs: 4 Fabulous Interior Design Ideas


The living room is the first place you see as you enter your home. Be it guests, or yourself, the living room sets the mood for the entire home. Therefore, isn’t it important to keep it upbeat and welcoming?

If you are not a professional interior designer, it could be difficult to stray away from classic designs and try something new. Will it work out? What if it doesn’t? Worry not! You are at the right place. Here, Reny Interiors gives you four interior design ideas for your living room.

Forget conventional ideas – What’s new?

1. Go green

green living room
interioscaping in a living room

Homes are becoming more and more compact. So what if you do not have a backyard or a garden? You can place houseplants in various corners of your living room. Plants and greenery will bring your living room to life! The green colour is known to evoke a feeling of harmony and balance. Plants can also reduce toxins and keep your living room fresh. If you do not have the space for small pots, you may perhaps decorate your living room with artificial plants. Although you have greenery around, you will miss out on the benefits a real plant provides.

2. Exposed brick walls

exposed brick TV wall

Brick walls may be old-school, but they still maintain a classy vibe. You can experiment with the colour and patterns of a brick wall in one of your living room accent walls or pillars.

A plain white colour will offer you a sophisticated look. Metallic paint can add some shine to your living room. Brick walls add a rustic touch to your living room. Just like the hues, you can experiment with the textures as well. Depending on your lighting, placing artworks on the brick wall can further add to its beauty. Be it in the traditional red, or the trendy paints, brick walls are a great addition to the living room.

3. Modern lighting

modern lighting
well-lit living room

The light can make or break the mood of the living room. You can add multi-tier metallic lights, LED chandeliers, a mini reading lamp in a corner near the bookshelf, etc. If you want to keep the room cheerful, adding a brightly coloured lampshade is an option too.

If you have paintings or wall art, make sure to install lights at the top of those as well. The light will not only make the art pieces more visible but also enhance their beauty.

Lights with adjustable brightness are rising in popularity. They can come in handy in the lighting of a living room, especially considering the diverse utility of this type of space. When you want to watch a movie, for example, you can dim the brightness of the bulbs. And, you can turn up the brightness when you wish to read a magazine from your lounge area.

4. Create bright spots

living room with accents

Adding a pop of colour in a few selected spots can make the living room look magical. It can be achieved by hanging tapestry on the wall, placing a vibrant, patterned carpet on the floor, a bright bookshelf, placing a bean bag in a corner, and so much more. Different pops of colour cut the neutrality of the living room space.

Neutral paints in living spaces have always been the ‘normal’ thing. So, do not be hesitant to try new interior design ideas such as the ones discussed above.

How Do You Design a Living Room?

This is a question that Reny Interiors gets a lot of the time from homeowners who wish to change the appearance, functionality, and general environment of their living rooms. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you design your sitting room.

• Begin with a plan

Failing to plan would be a great way to fail at decorating an interior space. Consider the number of places you need to seat people, the traffic flow, the decoration media, and the furniture layout.

• Buy new sofas or reupholster your existing ones

If you opt to buy new couches, go for furniture that will stand the test of time. Ensure you find sofa sets with fabric and colour that will enhance the appearance of your living room.

wall hanging in living room

• Invest in good lighting for your living room

We advise that you capitalize on natural lighting. Find window treatments that allow enough sunshine into your room. Choose lamps that will act as sculptural notes and contribute to general aesthetics.

• Be generous with rugs

Go for rugs that are larger than the seating space. These types of rugs will make your living room look bigger and more comfortable. Be sure to use rugs of textures, pattern balance, and colours that fit into the theme of the room.

In Conclusion

The living room is an essential part of the home that can be fun to decorate. With the help of professionals like us, you can achieve a lovely living space with styles and designs that capture comfort and elegance.

If you need help decorating your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0706244085. We are always more than ready to help your design your dream home. Contact us today.

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