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Your home reflects who you are. If you have recently bought a home or even plan of renovating your current one, here’s a tip. Resourcefulness and creativity can help you add elegance while staying within a budget. Great renovation plans need not necessarily cost you a lot of money. The key is to chart a proper plan beforehand. Given below are some budget-friendly interior design ideas to renovate your home.

1. White Walls

white walls

Trends may come and trends may go. But white walls have a unique elegance and never go out of trend. Paint your walls white. It doesn’t have to be boring – you have different shades of white to choose from. You can also experiment with different undertones. White walls add a fresh look to your room. They make it look larger than it really is.

2. Clean Up

This is a significant part to consider when you want to renovate your home. Once you clean up, you can get rid of all the unnecessary things. This automatically creates more space. A cleaned-up home looks like a new one. It is refreshing in itself. You can visualize how to rearrange everything in your home so that it looks refreshing and inviting.

3. Create Sections

Thin sections between rooms can break the monotony within a home. For instance, you can add a barrier between the entrance and the living room. You don’t necessarily have to build a cement wall. There are different types of DIY walls you can add for partitions. One of them is a slate wall.

renovate with wall partitions

With a few pieces of wood and a video tutorial, you can build a partition wall by yourself. If you do not want to build an entire section, you can do wall hangings for a difference. Again, you have a wide selection to choose from – hangings made of shells, beads, metal pieces, and so on. Wall hangings and rugs act as visual room dividers, which you’d need to differentiate spaces without erecting physical boulders.

4. Feature Wall

Feature walls, also known as accent walls, instantly give life to the room. They draw attention and make your home stand out. A feature wall allows you to experiment with different colours and textures. Choose a colour that complements the paint on the other walls of the room. You can create your patterns on the textured wall. For it to get highlighted in the right way, avoid making a feature wall in a small/crowded room. In such cases, the feature wall only adds to the chaos. It is meant for large spaces.

5. Upgrade Your Kitchen

There are inexpensive ways to give a new look to your kitchen. Paint your cabinets in a new colour. Instead of changing the whole cabinet set, you can paint it or install new doors. It makes your kitchen look brighter and is pocket-friendly at the same time.

modern kitchen kenya

Another idea to help you renovate your house is to add colour to your fridge. If you have used wallpaper to create an accent wall, you may have some of it. Use the leftover wallpaper on your refrigerator. If your bed slats are old, do not throw them away. You can hang it in the kitchen and use it to store cutlery. If you want to change how your countertop looks, you can use contact paper with a marble design instead of installing an actual marble countertop.

6. Add Natural Lighting

Many scientific reports have proven that natural light is essential to the human body. Hence, it is important to consider adding windows in areas that need more sunlight. You will not only receive natural light but also save up on electricity costs, in the long run.

Reny Interiors advises that you consult an experienced builder or an interior designer before introducing new windows to your walls. Why? Because you need to know where exactly to put the windows without affecting the structural integrity of your house. It would be a great idea to put windows on the walls facing the direction of the morning sunlight. This way, your home will be warm without heating up, as the morning sun isn’t too hot.

7. Update your Outdoors

beautiful landscaping

When redesigning your home’s interior space, you may want to take a look at that lawn you’ve been wanting to build a gazebo on or that balcony you love relaxing in. Here are some ideas to get you started with revamping your outdoor spaces:

  • Cut the grass and trim the hedges.
  • Add furniture to the exterior space. Be sure to get the right furniture as not all types of furniture can withstand the different weather elements outdoors.
  • Add a pendant lighting above the seating area.
  • Introduce potted plants or garden plants.

8. Hire an Interior Designer to Renovate Your House

If you want many more pocket-friendly ideas, consult an experienced interior designer for the same. Reny Interiors offers you professional interior design and décor services that are packaged to suit your pockets. Contact us today via 0706244085 to get a quote for your home renovation project.

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