Top 8 Modern Living Room Design Ideas


Looking to renovate or re-design your living room, just right? Here are our top 8 modern living room design ideas to get you going in the 2020s.

1. Colour Pop Décor

accent color in a modern living room design

Do you like bold and attractive colour combinations? If so, décor with a pop of colour is what you are looking for.

Go subtle with a mix of crazy –trendy colour combinations. Paint the wall white and choose vibrant colours for the living room furniture. You can go with pink, yellow, green, blue, or red. Be sure to make it your own!

Complete your modern living room design with a red sofa, blue chairs, golden table, and a pink fireplace. Choose what pleases your eyes and make your masterpiece in time.

2. Old School to Modern

a touch of vintage

Want your living room to resemble a traditional-yet-modern interior space? Go for a classic white theme with a darker toned colour scheme.

For example, you can pair a white sofa with a pair of brown cushions. Or, you can keep the flooring, walls, sofas, corner tables, coffee tables, and lamps white while keeping the armchairs and other showpieces brown. 

Watch beauty unfold as you go neutral all over the space.

3. Get Creative with the Furniture

outstanding furniture design

Choose from a wide range of vintage and classy looking furniture available in the market today. Get a nice traditional looking carpet with a stone-top designer table. Also, add a good-looking dark textured leather sofa.

Place long flower vases on either side of an armchair and beside the coffee table in your living room. This décor tip allows you to use other media to complement the elegance and layout of your home furniture.

Add a statement chandelier that gives off some 90s vibes. There’s no harm in going a little bit vintage when trying to emphasize a modern living room design.

4. Go Minimalist

less is more

Add a tall glass window to showcase your lawn or backyard in the backdrop. Attach a large-sized single painting to cover your accent wall. Make space for your guests by adding king-sized English sofas that are a popular choice for most living rooms since the 19th century. Add an antique table to complete the overall modern living room design.

5. Unique Patterns and Textures

integrating pattern to an interior design

Do you have a medium-sized living room? Worry not as we’ve got you covered too. Find a point of focus in your living room –this may be a wall that you wish to draw the eye to. Paint the accent wall with textured paint or apply high-quality wallpaper to add a classy touch. Place a two-seater sofa in front of this wall. 

Add a decorative mirror on your textured wall, as done in most trendy modern living room designs. While still at it, place a beautiful round accent table in front and square side tables and complete the look with attractive flower vases and beautiful lampshades. This is easily one of the best ways to turn small living rooms into interesting and liveable spaces.

6. Black and White Living Rooms

a B&W living room

Love daylight more than anything? Quarantine has certainly made us crave more of it. So, we are expecting a yes.

You will certainly like the idea of a modern living room design that focuses on black and white décor only.

Paint your accent walls in a nice zigzag design or black and white lines. Add a black sofa and centre table to a light-coloured floor.

Please note that using black paint in poorly lit spaces can turn out awful, as the colour black tends to suck up light. Hence, be sure to choose the corner of the house with the most daylight popping in.

7. Fill Up your Space with Modern Art

art pieces on a backdrop wall

Don’t underestimate the power of modern art. Although trends have changed today, nothing appeals to the eye like an aesthetic art piece. Modern art furniture will surely make a trendy and top-notch choice for your living room.

Get the lush and vibrant spot of your house in line with modern art items. Equip your living room with a stylish faceted mirror or go extreme like any other maximalist by opting for unique brass side tables and an antique table inspired by modern art.

Add a trendy modern art painting to set the right vibe.

8. Go Glamorous

luxe and glam

If you want a luxurious look, try adding a touch of glamour to your living room by borrowing ideas from a five-star hotel or hire an interior designer to help you out. Use velvet sofas, high-class wooden furniture, cream-coloured lamps, a decent glass table, and a leather footrest for your armchairs to create the ultimate luxurious look. Achieve a fully complete modern design look with an expensive chandelier.

In Conclusion

Interior design styles, like fashion products, come and go. But it doesn’t hurt to keep up with the current trends for great inspiration and interiors. Use these tips and you can rest assured that you’ll achieve a modern living room design for your home.

If you need help your living room design, do not hesitate to give us a call on 0706244085. Reny Interiors strives to offer modern and long-lasting interior design solutions, without breaking the bank.

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